Major Industry Definitions

Natural Resources and Mining: Consists of operations engaged in growing crops, raising or catching animals, harvesting timber, well operations, extracting minerals and liquids, and all related mining and farming support activities.

Construction: Consists of operations engaged in the construction of buildings and engineering projects, such as highways and utility systems, and the preparation of sites for construction.

Manufacturing: Consists of operations engaged in the transformation or assembly of raw materials and components into new products.

Trade, Transportation, and Utilities: Consists of operations engaged in the retail sale of goods to consumers, the wholesale of goods, the transportation of goods and people, the warehousing of goods, and the utility provision of electric power, natural gas, steam, water, and sewage removal. Transportation includes air, rail, water, road, and pipeline.

Information: Consists of operations engaged in producing information and cultural products, communications, and data processing. This includes traditional publishing, software development, film production, broadcasting, Internet service provision, web search portals, and telecommunications.

Financial Activities: Consists of operations engaged in financial transactions, insurance provisions, and rental and leasing of property.

Professional and Business Services: Consists of operations engaged in specialized and support services, including legal, accounting, architecture, engineering, computer systems, management, office administration, document preparation, security, and cleaning.

Health Services and Private Education: Consists of operations engaged in the provision of education and health services, including private schools, colleges, training centers, hospitals, doctors’ offices, social work, and childcare.

Leisure and Hospitality: Consists of operations engaged in providing entertainment, cultural activities, recreational services, lodging, and dining, including museums, historical sites, sports facilities, hotels, and restaurants.

Other Services: Consists of operations not specifically included in other categories, including equipment repair, religious activities, non-profits, and dry cleaning.

Government: Consists of operations administered by federal, state, and local government agencies, including the military, public schools, and public hospitals.